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20 August 2018

Brew Haus Craft Beer Tasting Sessions

Our mission at Brew Haus has been to introduce great tasting, high quality beers with a difference to Malta. We want to allow those who have a passion for beer to have access to a range of exciting beers for all occasions, seasons and tastes.


11 August 2017

Which Beer Style Are You?

When most people think of ‘beer’, they are probably thinking of Pilsner or Lager. After all, these two forms of beer have become dominant across the world and that’s what many have grown used to drinking. But while lagers in particular have taken root in societies across the globe, other forms of beer have a long history in countries such as Belgium, the UK, Germany and the United States, which in recent decades moved quickly to pioneer the craft beer movement.


9 December 2015

Belgian craft beers in Malta

Three new Belgian craft beers launched at Kuya St. Julians – Delta, Grosse Bertha, Dark Sister – were paired with Asian food prepared by Chef Gabriel Ferris. The craft beers are the product of Brussels Beer Project – an exciting new venture breathing creativity and contemporary flavours into the rich tradition of Belgian beer making. […]