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24 March 2018

Why Does Beer Come in Different Alcoholic Strengths?

There is no other alcoholic beverage versatile as beer. In fact, I am hardly discouraged when people come up to me to tell me that they dislike beer. I interpret this as someone confessing that they have not yet found a beer style that they like… Challenge Accepted! To be fair, Malta has only recently […]


11 August 2017

Which Beer Style Are You?

When most people think of ‘beer’, they are probably thinking of Pilsner or Lager. After all, these two forms of beer have become dominant across the world and that’s what many have grown used to drinking. But while lagers in particular have taken root in societies across the globe, other forms of beer have a long history in countries such as Belgium, the UK, Germany and the United States, which in recent decades moved quickly to pioneer the craft beer movement.