Craft Beer Tasting – Oskar Blues 19 March


Oskar Blues is a craft brewery based in Colorado, USA 🇺🇸, and has been brewing beer since 1999. Now that’s a track record!

Oskar Blues is credited to be the first craft brewery to package its beer in cans, starting as far back as 2002! Back when no one believed in the power of cans, Oskar Blues took that giant step and never looked back. The world followed.

Oskar Blues’ pioneering spirit can be seen and tasted in their beers. They are one of the largest breweries that puts all their beer in cans, shunning bottles completely. And their focus is on 6+% beers so get ready for a good evening!

This tasting will be the very first time that these beers are available to the 🇲🇹 public and every participant will receive the Craft Beer Tasting Pack at home.

First session is on Wednesday 10 March, and a second session will be held on Friday 19 March. Limited stock of beers is available.

What to expect:
This will be a Zoom beer tasting, consisting of five different beers. A complete Craft Beer Tasting Pack will be delivered to your home for the price of €30.

Each pack contains enough beer for two (perhaps even three) persons to participate in the tasting. There is just too much beer for one person to go through in one sitting. It’s a good and fun idea to have 4 or 6 people at a time at your location of choice, and get multiple packs delivered. It’s a fun group activity.

Tasting pack includes:

1️⃣ Thick Haze New England IPA 355ml can (7%)
2️⃣ Can-O-Bliss IPA 355ml can (7.2%)
3️⃣ G’Knight Red Imperial IPA 355ml can (8.7%)
4️⃣ Old Chub Scotch Ale 355ml can (8%)
5️⃣ Ten Fidy Imperial Stout 355ml can (10.5%)
6️⃣ Snyders Pretzel Snack (choose between savoury honey mustard or spicy jalapeno) 50g packet
7️⃣ Set of five unique craft beer coasters
8️⃣ One craft beer tasting glass
9️⃣ Free Delivery

And of course the coordinates to join the Zoom meeting and enjoy the guided tasting! Tastings take approximately one hour.

Looking forward to drinking with you online! 🍻