Craft Beer Tasting – 5 beers/3 breweries – 7 May


We have five awesome-tasting, unique beers lined up from four different breweries for you!

Your craft beer tasting pack is delivered to your address with a snack and a tasting glass. All you have to do is chill 🙂

Tê Tê is our latest brewery from Vietnam, founded by a Maltese! It’s pretty awesome to have a fellow Maltese brewing beer in Saigon, and we’re thrilled to be able to share these super easy-drinking beers with you! Then there’s Mikkeller (DK), and all-time favourites Founders (USA) with two brand new beers. These are all top-rated brewers and our beer line-up will be:

1. Tê Tê White Ale 5.5%
2. Tê Tê Electric IPA 5.8%
3. Riesling People NEIPA 7%
4. Marvelroast Imperial Golden Ale w/ cacoa, vanilla and lactose (iced-coffee beer) 8%
5. Frangelic Mountain Brown Hazelnut Ale 9%

Yep! it’s gonna get interesting! 🙂 Each beer pack contains enough beer for TWO PERSONS. €30 per pack including delivery (€15 per person).