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24 March 2020

Where to Get Craft Beer During the Bar and Restaurant Shutdown

Because a bar and restaurant shutdown doesn’t mean living without your favourite beer! As of the beginning of this week the public authorities forced bars to close to the general public amid public health concerns and the spread of the coronavirus. But living in Malta amidst the bar and restaurant shutdown doesn’t mean living without […]


16 March 2020

Beer Head is the latest addition to the local Craft Beer scene!

We are so excited here at Brew Haus that we couldn’t contain it and had to blog about it!!! Malta has FINALLY been blessed with a craft beer bottle shop which is focused on stocking the best craft ales out there, and selling them at reasonable prices !!! BEER HEAD (www.beerhead.mt) we salute you! The […]


20 April 2019

It Brew My Mind!: A Tasting Event

The sort of poison that different people settle on in order to enhance a social gathering usually indicates something of interest about the individuals in question. For instance, a fondness for gins with their variety of sophisticated flavourings and accompanying choice mixers points towards an appreciation for trends together with a capacity for drinks with […]


20 August 2018

Brew Haus Craft Beer Tasting Sessions

Our mission at Brew Haus has been to introduce great tasting, high quality beers with a difference to Malta. We want to allow those who have a passion for beer to have access to a range of exciting beers for all occasions, seasons and tastes.


24 March 2018

Why Does Beer Come in Different Alcoholic Strengths?

There is no other alcoholic beverage versatile as beer. In fact, I am hardly discouraged when people come up to me to tell me that they dislike beer. I interpret this as someone confessing that they have not yet found a beer style that they like… Challenge Accepted! To be fair, Malta has only recently […]


19 February 2018

Mikkeller in Malta – Craft beer showcase

Mikkeller is Denmark’s best rated brewer and Brew Haus is excited to showcase their epic beers in Valletta. On 22 February, Brew Haus will host a celebration of the very finest craft beer paired with some funky, live beats at City Light in Valletta. We will be showcasing at least twelve unique beers on the […]