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What is the difference between craft beer and normal beer?

Craft beer is usually brewed is smaller batches than commercial beer, and the craft brewer focuses on sourcing the best ingredients to bring out bold flavours in varied beers styles (rarely lagers). Brewers often experiment with a cocktail of grains and hops, rather than have only one type of grain and hop, as with cheaper commercial beer.

How many beers are available in your store?

The Brew Haus Bottle Shop has around 50 beers at the moment, with over twelve different beer styles. Brew Haus aims to have over a 100 beers available as the tastes of the local beer drinker evolve. All persons residing in Malta over the age of 17 are allowed to order online.

Can you suggest beers?

Different beers go with different moods, and the Brew Haus Bottle Shop has a beer for every occasion. Each listed beer includes a description as well as other key facts such as alcohol percentage, beer colour, rating and bitterness.

Is there a minimum order for home delivery?

Yes, a minimum order of €25 is required for that order to be delivered to your office or home, and a charge of €5 applies for all orders under a €100. Orders of over €100 are delivered free of charge.

Is there a delivery charge?

Deliveries are free to commercial outlets as well as to private orders of €100 or more. A €5 charge is applicable on all orders of less than €100.

Can I come and pick up the beers myself?

Yes, we have a good presence in a bottle shop in Bugibba called Hansa Wines and Spirits. All prices here are wholesale and the same as this website. There is also a possibility of meeting in Valletta for a pick up. Email [email protected] or call on 77414843 for more information.

Do you deliver to weddings and parties?

Yes, we deliver to all addresses in Malta, including offices, 7 days a week. Most orders are delivered within 48 hours.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

The prices listed in our Bottle Shop are the lowest possible prices so that everyone in Malta can enjoy the best craft beer at affordable prices. We do offer a range of incentives to bars and restaurants that stock our beers. Contact [email protected] if you are a bar/restaurant owner.

Are all the these beers always available?

If the beer shows up on the website it is probably in stock as we seek to update the website on a daily basis. That said, we import a number of seasonal and small batch beers which means that we would only have a small number of cases/kegs available of certain special beers. All the brewers we import from are highly sought after and demand exceeds supply! Therefore, we cannot always guarantee availability of all the beers that were ever listed in Bottle Shop.

Can I pay cash on delivery?

Yes, once you place your order, an email will be sent to you with the invoice. Delivery is normally coordinated by phone or by email and payment can be made in cash on delivery.