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20 January 2018

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food pairing beer bar snacksI’ve always loved bar snacks with my pint, a tasty ale with my pizza or a cold lager with my hobża biż-żejt. But then one day I tried a moist, dark chocolate brownie with an Imperial Stout (an Even More Jesus by Evil Twin, NYC) and I knew I was onto something special. Beer and food took on a whole new meaning and I was hungry to explore more.

With a constant supply of fresh, interesting beers delivered at home by, it became natural to open beers with dinner, and I try to see what works and what doesn’t. Beer can do amazing things with food. There are so many different beer styles, each one with different qualities, tastes and strengths that you’re sure to find a beer for every dish! No other drink has as much flavour variety and versatility as beer: from simple, crisp lagers; bitter and fragrant IPAs; creamy milk Stouts; spicy Saisons; forest fruit-like dark beers; all the way to delicious sour fruit beers.

There are no secrets to pairing beer and food. With some curiosity and experimentation everyone can find what they like best. Taste is subjective so some might not like some of combinations suggested in this blog, but, if you don’t like them, then hopefully you’ll find something that works better. Sometimes pairings just don’t work and other will surprise you, and you’ll want to enjoy them over and over again and share with friends and family.

The drink of choice at the dinner table is wine, not beer. Maybe it’s because beer is such as accessible, sociable drink that is closely linked to the pub, bar or sports event that it hasn’t had a place on the formal dinner table. Which is a real shame. I hope this blog will allow readers (foodies and beer lovers) discover how brilliant beer and food can be together.

First Brew Haus pairing tip: This is a desert pairing – Marquis de Chocolat or the Badass Brownie @Badass Burgers (Mosta or St. Julians) paired with the Even More Jesus. What a way to end a meal! Absolutely to die for and there’s enough to share with friends!