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2 July 2017

Craft beer taken to the Next Level

Oak casks are synonymous with wine, cognac and whiskey, used to age the drink, impart earthy aromas and smooth the taste. But the sight of wooden casks in craft breweries is becoming more commonplace, as the art of ageing beer which is stronger in alcoholic volume (normally ranging nine to 12 per cent) is rekindled. […]


24 June 2017

Giving Malta a taste of Brussels Micro-Breweries

As published on the Times of Malta, 24 April 2016 – Ramona Depares It’s a midweek night and, very uncharacteristically, I am on my fourth glass of beer. Before I shock you too badly, I should add that these are taster glasses and that the beer in question is rather special. It is, in fact, […]


18 January 2017

Badass & Brew Haus pair craft beers with gourmet burgers

Brussels Beer Project and Badass Burgers have teamed up to create an event to showcase four craft beers from the microbrewery, paired with custom Badass mini burgers and special fries that have been created specially for this event. That’s four beers, four burgers and four sets of fries! Brussels Beer Project is a microbrewery in […]


17 January 2017

Three crafty Belgians

Three tasty Belgian beers straight from the heart of Brussels are joining Malta’s growing list of craft brews. Taras Boulba is an easy drinking 4.5% alc. light blonde that’s perfect for those hot summer days, with aromatic hops giving it a scent that’s reminiscent of citrus. Stouterik is a 4.5% alc. Belgian stout in the […]


30 December 2016

Taking cold beer and grilled meat to the next level

On a warm summer evening, few things beat a cold beer and the sizzling sound of meat on a grill. But what if you could swap that watery lager and sorry-looking frozen burger for top-shelf brews and meat cuts? A beer and meat pairing event set to take place next week promises to match six […]


27 December 2016

Craft beer and BBQ at The Villa

As published on Gourmet Today,, May 2016 Brew Haus, this time at The Villa will be pairing The Belgian Beer Project and Brasserie de la Senne’s craft brews with barbecued food by The Villa Chef Patron Chris Hammett on 5 May at 18:30. Brew Haus will be showcasing five different craft beers from two […]