Beer Head is the latest addition to the local Craft Beer scene!

16 March 2020

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We are so excited here at Brew Haus that we couldn’t contain it and had to blog about it!!! Malta has FINALLY been blessed with a craft beer bottle shop which is focused on stocking the best craft ales out there, and selling them at reasonable prices !!! BEER HEAD ( we salute you!

The best thing about Beer Head is that, apart from its vast range of unique craft beers from all over the world (happy to say that a considerable part of our range is available from Beer Head!), it also stocks a range of snacks and hot sauces that are just to die for!!! Craft beer, bar snacks and hot sauces are a perfect match in our minds! Staff is very helpful and eager to explain to shoppers the different beers (over 200 in stock) and they really have the full range going from non-alcoholic beers all the way to heavy-hitters of over 14%!

And even in these troubling times of Covid-19, Beer Head is a step ahead offering full delivery service to any address in Malta, and offers electronic payment solutions to ensure minimal contact with clients. Whether you’re in quarantine or not, Beer Head will get your favourite craft beers to you in no time! Check out their webshop here

From the many beers available IPAs are the most popular, beers known for their fruity, bright character, but these are just one of the many styles that Beer Head offers. You can also find many dark and bitter stouts; seasonal beers like chocolate christmas beers; fruit-infused ales with any fruit you can ever imagine, as well as classic Belgian beers that come in every shape and size.

Josef Borg, the owner, explains how he wishes Beer Head to become a place where the local craft beer community can meet and try new styles of beers and share their knowledge about beer. There are many beer enthusiasts in Malta and they did not really have any craft beer bottle shop where to share their passion up until now.

Beer Head does not have the feel of a normal shop, giving off a hip vibe of a shop in London or Berlin, offering a unique, gourmet retail experience and stocking Malta’s largest range of speciality craft beers, hot sauces, and some real tasty gourmet snacks to accompany your beers.

The shop is designed in a minimalist way, giving prominence to the hip craft beer bottles and their often funny, innovative, cool labels. The range of hot sauces and chili snacks is also impressive, with Beer Head stocking some of the world’s officially hottest rated sauces!

Categorised by beer style (and there are many styles that we had never even heard of!) country of origin and/or alcohol level, Beer Head is your one-stop-shop for anything beer related. Buy your beer online from Beer Head here